Young Adult Coordinated Care

The Young Adult Coordinated Care (YACC) program provides comprehensive support to adolescents and young adults (15-25) experiencing a first episode of psychosis.  This program, modeled from OnTrackNY, offers a team of professionals to support individuals in reducing symptoms and increasing community integration.  Services integrate a recovery-based, strength-focused approach, which relies on shared decision making, with cognitive enhancement therapy and support.  With an early intervention focus, services target individuals who have been experiencing symptoms for less than two years and provides up to two years of support.

Services are delivered both at our Bradford Road location and in the community.  Insurance is accepted.  A monthly fee may be assessed, based on our sliding fee, for those with private insurance as well as those without insurance.

Services include:

  • Diagnostic evaluation and assessment
  • Treatment planning
  • Support coordination
    • Our support coordinator works one-on-one with participants to identify their community needs and assist them in coordinating with community partners to address those needs.  Areas in which our support coordinator may be able to help include, but are not limited to, accessing insurance through Medicaid or the Governor’s Assistance Plan (GAP), obtaining a driver’s license or other government issued ID, identifying and connecting with primary health providers, identifying community support groups, and finding housing.
  • Individual counseling
    • Our mental health clinician works one-on-one with participants to reach their personal recovery goals.  Counseling may include psychoeducation, motivational interviewing, and cognitive enhancement therapy.  The focus of counseling varies by individual, but may include understanding triggers, developing coping skills, and learning anger management techniques, among other topics.
  • Family counseling
    • Our mental health clinician is available to work with participants and their support systems to increase communication and reduce conflict.  Family counseling targets increasing the cohesiveness of the individual’s support system and may include topics such as boundary setting, parenting skills, communication skills, and crisis management.
  • Group counseling
    • Our program offers a weekly therapy group targeting communication and coping skills. These groups are intended to be interactive and are developed based on a syllabus from OnTrackNY.  Group topics include decision-making, communication, anger management, coping skills, and goal setting.
  • Educational support
    • Our individual placement specialist is available to work one-on-one with participants to assist in educational planning and implementation. By coordinating with both high schools and colleges, our placement specialist ensures that individuals have the appropriate accommodations and are on the path to reaching their educational goals. Participation in Individual Education Plan meetings and 504 meetings is one of the many services that our placement specialist offers.
  • Employment support
    • Our individual placement specialist works one-on-one with participants to help identify a career path that meets the participant’s unique skills and abilities.  Available to help individuals from the completion of interest inventories through the process of getting and maintaining a job, our placement specialist helps the individual find the right employment fit.  Specific services include completion of interest and skills inventories, resume writing, job search skills, job applications, identification of accommodations, interview preparation, and networking.  A bi-weekly employment group is also available for participants seeking employment.
  • Individual peer support
    • Our peer specialist utilizes personal experience with mental health symptoms and recovery to empower our participants in their own recoveries. Utilizing a Wellness and Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), our peer specialist supports individuals in developing their own recipe for wellness. Topics of the WRAP plan include establishing a daily maintenance plan, identifying triggers, noting early warning signs, recognizing when things are escalating, developing a crisis plan, and evaluating the crisis plan. In addition to one-on-one support, our peer specialist also offers a tri-weekly peer support group.
  • Family peer support and psychoeducation
    • Our family peer support specialist utilizes personal experience as a family member of an individual with a mental health disorder to sustain and empower the support networks of our participants.  Available to work one-on-one with family and friends who wish to be involved in treatment, our family peer support specialist also offers a weekly group providing support and psychoeducation.
  • Medication management
    • Our trained psychiatrist provides initial and follow-up evaluation for program participants.  Operating from a philosophy that effective treatment of psychosis relies on identifying the most effective medication and prescribing in minimal dosages, our psychiatrist often begins by prescribing a single anti-psychotic medication and adjusting medications based on the needs of the participant.
  • Joint family and participant groups
    • Bringing together participants and their families, we provide a monthly integrative group in which participants take part in a therapeutic game.
  • Crisis services
  • Family and participant newsletters

For more information about the Young Adult Coordinated Care Program (YACC), or to make a referral, contact our YACC Program Manager at 540-825-3100, extension 3153 or .