Residential Substance Use Disorder Services

Boxwood Recovery Center is a residential treatment facility offering both medical detox services as well as a 28-day residential substance treatment program for men and women, age 18 years and older, with substance use disorders as well as those dually diagnosed.  The facility consists of 26 residential treatment beds and six detox beds.

Services are also available to pregnant women, IV and/or opiate drug users, and persons diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.  These individuals are given priority status for admission.

The referring community services board (see below) arranges fees.  Individuals may be eligible for financial assistance from various funding sources.  All fees are due prior to admission.

Admission criteria

  • Individuals must be medically stable and not experiencing acute medical problems or require continuous medical supervision/care.
  • Individuals must have arranged for transportation both to and from Boxwood.
  • In the case of residential treatment, individuals must be abstinent from alcohol for seven days and from all other drugs for 10 days prior to admission.  A drug screen will be completed upon arrival to Boxwood.
  • Prescribed medications must be reviewed by Boxwood medical staff as not all medications are appropriate for use while at Boxwood. Some medications may require that copies of recent lab work be provided for medical staff to review.
  • In the case of individuals who are pregnant, documentation that the pregnancy is stable may be requested prior to admission approval.

Boxwood General Information

Medical detoxification services

  • Medical detoxification is a process for safe and systemic withdrawal for individuals with substance addiction under the supervision of a physician and nursing staff.  The process is designed to treat the immediate physical effects of discontinuing drug use.  Services also Include small group activities, acupuncture, and recreational activities.
  • Detox clients are provided with a private room while admitted to the detox program.
  • The length of the detoxification process lasts an average of seven days.

Residential treatment services

  • Residential treatment services provide a multidisciplinary approach to substance use treatment.  Within this structured treatment environment, individuals are provided an array of services to support them in their recovery.  Services include individual treatment planning; individual, group, and family counseling; acupuncture; educational activities; onsite 12-step recovery program meetings; and discharge planning and referrals.
  • The length of the residential program is 28-days; however, RRCS can accommodate requests for other lengths of stay based on the individual’s needs.

Boxwood Weekly Schedule

Individuals residing in Culpeper, Fauquier, Madison, Orange, or Rappahannock counties should contact Crisis Services at 540-825-5656 to be prescreened for Boxwood admission.  Individuals living in other areas should contact their local community services board for a referral:

Your local community services board will perform the prescreen, using the Detox and Residential Program Prescreening Form.  Individuals living outside of these areas should contact Boxwood Admission Staff directly at 540-547-2760.

Your local community services board will conduct a substance abuse assessment prior to referring you to Boxwood. If you have any questions about Boxwood, please call 540-547-2760 Monday through Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm and ask to speak with admissions.