Intellectual and Developmental Disability Support Coordination

Support coordination services are the entry point for all RRCS residential and day support programs. Support coordinators work with individuals and their families to:

  • evaluate what the individual needs in order to remain successful in the community;
  • link the individual to programs and supports that are needed or requested;
  • monitor the supports given to the individual to ensure they are meeting his/her needs; and
  • advocate for other services that will help the individual in the community.

Support coordinators help bring together services to meet medical, psychiatric, social, nutritional, educational, vocational, employment, housing, transportation, recreational, legal, and advocacy needs.

Effective July 1, 2016, developmental disability services have transitioned to the Community Service Boards. RRCS has begun screenings and intakes for individuals diagnosed with a developmental disability.

Intellectual or developmental disability support coordination services are provided to adults who have a diagnosis of developmental disabilities prior to age 18. Expanded or waiver services are offered through the Developmental Disability Waiver Program for those who meet the additional eligibility requirements of the waiver program.

For additional information about intellectual and developmental disability support coordination services, please call 540-825-3100.