Substance Use Disorder Services: Boxwood Recovery Center

Boxwood Recovery Center is a 28-day residential alcohol and other drug treatment program. The referring CSB may request a variable length of stay from 2 weeks to 60 days. Treatment at Boxwood involves individual, family, and group counseling, educational films, lectures and relapse prevention. Treatment models include Matrix, Motivational, and Cognitive Behavioral techniques. AA/NA groups are held on a daily basis. Family Program and visitation meets on Sundays. The program also provides co-occurring groups for those with behavioral health and substance use disorder issues.

Boxwood provides residential substance use disorder treatment for males and females, eighteen and above who reside in Planning District 1 plus Prince William and Loudoun counties. The program accepts co-occurring clients (behavioral health/intellectual disability with substance use disorder issues).

A person requesting admission to Boxwood must be first prescreened by their Community Services Board in the area of residence. The CSB will then refer the client to Boxwood for admission.