Residential and Housing Services: Rental Assistance Program

The rental assistance program provides housing subsidies to assure that eligible elderly, disabled and low-income families are able to live in safe, affordable housing. Subsidized housing through the rental assistance program is provided in locations selected by the consumer/tenant himself and reflect personal and cultural preferences.

Admission to the Rental Assistance program is dictated by regulations established by HUD and VHDA. Applications are accepted by the Rental Assistance Agent and maintained in chronological order of acceptance. Rental Assistance vouchers, when available, are issued to families on the waiting list in accordance with the following priorities:

  1. RRCSB-AAA prioritizes elderly and disabled persons who are currently consumers of RRCSB-AAA services, followed by elderly/disabled persons within the catchment area who are not currently consumers of RRCSB-AAA. Non-elderly or disabled persons may be supported through the program only when no elderly/disabled families are on the current waiting list.
  2. Admission to the supported program is based on assessment documentation that supports the diagnostic eligibility and need for services as indicated above.
  3. The Welfare to Work Rental Assistance program prioritizes those families in which the head of household is working, followed by eligible families in which the head of household is enrolled in an employment training program. To maintain eligibility in the program once rental assistance has been issued, participants must either be working a minimum of 20 hours per week or be enrolled and actively participating in an employment training program.
  4. The Family Self Sufficiency program is available only to current participants in the Rental Assistance program. If applicants to the program exceed program capacity, the FSS Coordinator maintains a waiting list. Applications are selected from the waiting list in the order in which they were received.
  5. Other priority groups may be identified through special initiatives or allocations as determined by HUD or VHDA.

The waiting list is maintained by the Rental Assistance Agent and is opened whenever there are 50 or fewer families on the waiting list. The waiting list may be opened to priority groups only, or to all eligible populations. When the waiting list is opened to RRCSB clients only, memos are sent to all RRCSB primary staff or staff who may have access to eligible persons. When the waiting list is opened to all potential applicants, notice is required to be posted in the local newspaper per HUD and VHDA regulations. Separate waiting lists are maintained for the Elderly/Disabled program and the Welfare to Work program. The waiting lists are updated annually.

Contact the Rental Assistance Agent at 540-825-3100 to schedule an intake appointment.